Forever the conversation about football games has been – FIFA or PES? Despite having released excellent games in recent years PES has lost the battle primarily because of FIFA’s unstoppable marketing campaigns. But fear not, for the baton of challenging FIFA’s throne is being passed on to unlikely heroes, Indie games. Here are 5 Indie games you should play before purchasing FIFA or PES’s next entry.


Pixel Cup Soccer

Pixel Cup Soccer is an arcade retro style football game that aims to be the best game on the market. The gameplay is extremely fast paced, easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. The game offers local multiplayer against other players or Computer AI. There is a strong emphasis on international football, with offered competitions including: Copa America, European Cup 2016, World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Olympic Games, Women’s Olympics, Pixel League and Pixel Tournament. The game is currently available for early access and plans on using player feedback to create the definitive retro soccer game.

It is available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Soccer Rage

This is not your typical sports game. Soccer Rage offers a dynamic blend of sport/action game features. There are no red cards, off-sides, out-balls or substitutions. This means that the game allows aggressive fouls and fighting during a game. In order to win you either have to outscore the opponent or reduce their player count to below 7. Reducing the opponent’s player count involves tactically tackling and fighting their players until they have to go off injured. The game offers up to 4 player local co-op, online multiplayer, advanced AI and a variety of team/player customisation and strategic options. This brutal football game is currently available on Steam in its early access form.


Football Tactics

Football Tactics

If you are tired of playing games like FIFA which prioritise execution over tactics, look no further than Football Tactics. In Football Tactics you play the role of a coach who has to train an average team and make them the best team in the world. The game has a strong emphasis on tactics and the game functions like a turned-based RPG. Very much like games such as XCOM and Civilisation the player has to take calculated risks on players and prioritise certain features of their team. This game is accessible not only for football fans, but also gamers who traditionally prefer RPG and strategic experiences. The game is available on Steam for Windows in an early access state.


Worldy Cup

Worldy Cup

This game will definitely not appeal to everyone for the simple reason that it is a VR game. However, if you are fortunate enough to own a VR Headset you have the opportunity to experience one of the most unique football experiences available in any video game. Worldy Cup is a futuristic arcade game where it feels like you are inside an 8bit football world. Below its flashy surface there is a lot of tactical nuance, with gameplay including power-ups, super shots, and team commands. There is up to 6 players local couch co-op and a VS multiplayer mode, as well as a non-VR mode. The game is currently available on Steam in an early access build for Windows.


Kopanito – All-Star Soccer

If you are a gamer that plays sports games for the competitive scene, then Kopanito is the game for you. The game doesn’t tout realism, 3D graphics, or real players. However, its entirely skill and balance orientated gameplay aims to generate a degree of user emotion unseen in similar games. If you are tired of the poor touches and general random elements present in other football games, this game is made for you. The game is available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Unfortunately there are a lot of other very good football games (such as FootLOL) that aren’t mentioned, so I encourage everyone to take a look online for themselves.

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