The developers of 60 Seconds! have announced 60 Parsecs!, in which you’re stranded in space and must live with the consequences of your scavenging choices.

Oh dear. Your atomic-age space station is busted, and you’ve managed to haphazardly escape its destruction. All you have is a few cans of soup, an ‘almost competent’ motley crew of astronauts on board your spaceship and sixty seconds to scavenge for supplies and resources. Your survival rests on the (probably terrible) decisions you will make in those 60 seconds. That’s what’s going on in space-based scavenge-em-up 60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs! comes from the Robot Gentleman, the Polish developer of the similarly-themed 60 Seconds!, which was set in the face of an impending nuclear strike. While gameplay in the newer spacefaring title will be similar to its terrestrial predecessor, you can expect a few new tricks.

For one, there is a crafting mechanic added to the game, and there are story events for each of the characters in your adventure. The core remains unchanged, however: you must learn to survive against the odds (and the odds include nuclear strikes, asteroids and soup shortages).

While there’s no gameplay footage just yet, you can have a look at a brief teaser trailer for the game below.

60 Parsecs! (Steam) is scheduled to release sometime in 2018 for PC and ‘major consoles’ that have not been specified yet. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that’s PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Unlike 60 Seconds!, no Mac version has been announced.

If you’d like a taste of the developer’s previous work, check out the very similar 60 Seconds! (official website).

More light-hearted space exploration can be found in the newly announced wizardly adventure My Uncle Merlin. For a change of theme, Darkwood offers horror-based scavenging and survival.

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