Inspired by the likes of FTL and Sunless Sea, Abandon Ship has you sailing and taking on quests while dealing with enemy ships… and worse.

You know you’re in for something interesting when a game about sailing a ship in a procedurally generated fantasy world comes with the title “Abandon Ship”. There’s some despair right there in the title, and if the game is anything like its inspirations, there might be plenty of abandoning ships to be done.

So you’ve got a ship: not a fancy spaceship or what have you, but a regular, water-treading, sail-raising, landlubber-slaying sea vessel. You’re the Captain of your ship now, and it’s time to take it to the high seas and do quests, deal with emergent situations and of course, engage in naval battles with other ships that look you the wrong way. And there’s sea monsters, of course. What’s the point of having a sailing game in a fantasy universe if you’re not going to have sea monsters?

Of particular note is the game’s art style, which is inspired by classic naval oil paintings. Developers Fireblade Software specifically namedrop artists Turner, Ivan Aivazovsky, Willem Velde, James Wilson Carmichael and Ebenezer Colls. The waves especially look absolutely lush, like ever-in-motion dunes of sand.

Another point of notice is the game’s sound design, which can be heard in the trailer below. Handling the audio design is Mark Angus, who was responsible for the Audio Direction of Alien: Isolation. If you’ve played that game, you know just how powerful the audio behind it was, so that’s a very strong name for Abandon Ship to have on its credit roll.

Abandon Ship is expected to release sometime in 2017, only on PC. Check out the official website and the Steam page for more info. Talking like a pirate is strictly optional.

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