In the newest trailer for Abandon Ship, find out how combat works when you’re sailing on a wooden contraption in the high seas. Explosions ahoy!

Abandon Ship caught our attention late last year, what with its lush, painting-like look and gameplay taking inspiration from the likes of such stalwarts as FTL and Sunless Sea. Now, Fireblade Software has shown off a new trailer for the game, which focuses on the combat of the game, and how it’s affected by a bunch of factors.

The FTL influence is quite clear in Abandon Ship’s handling of crew management. You will have to manually assign your crew members to various roles on the ship, and your crew members’ various specialities will play into the activity they are doing. For instance, gunners will be able to reload guns faster, so it’s a wise idea to have a gunner, you know, gun.

You can target specific parts of a ship, and you’ll have to watch out for fires and hull cracks. You’ll also have to keep an eye on the weather, as that can help or hinder you in your high seas fisticuffs. Rain, for instance, helps put out fires, but lightning can actually cause them. Sadly, performing rain dances or petitioning the gods to be lenient doesn’t seem to be a feature in the game.

Abandon Ship puts you in procedurally generated waters with a ship and has you solving quests and doing other things that a ship captain does, like parleying with sea monsters[citation needed]. As the combat primer above suggests, battles are hectic and dicey, so fans of games that require making terrible decisions on a moment’s notice will probably feel right at home. That’s what FTL is about, right?

Abandon Ship is in development for PC and is scheduled to release sometime later this year. Here’s the official website, and here’s a Steam page.

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