Abandon Ship gets “Shattered Empire” major update; adds three new regions

Beware of blizzards, poisonous fumes, and plague colonies in the new update for Abandon Ship. It’s available now for everyone, and the game’s on sale too.

Abandon Ship hasn’t been abandoned, nor has it been shipped. In fact, developer Fireblade Software has been working hard at battening down the hatches and raising the mast, making sure the Early Access title has regular content updates. The latest update has been released as of yesterday, and it’s titled “Shattered Empire”.

The new update introduces three regions to the game, each with its own maritime challenges. “The Howling Seas” is an Arctic region where blizzards reign. You’ll also have to protect your ship from powerful winds that threaten to knock down your crew. “The Forsaken Seas” involves volcanoes that spew out toxic fumes, and everything is a sickly green. It’s not good for your visibility, and it’s certainly not good for your crew’s health, either.

Finally, there’s the headliner region, “The Shattered Empire”. There seems to be a lot to do here, such as fighting ghost ships, lifting curses, fighting over monuments, and breaking blockades to reach a plague colony.

New features added to the game include a compass, and a lighthouse system to help you navigate. There’s also a “Friends and Enemies” system that will cause characters to return in the future, attempting to aid or hinder you.

For more information on Abandon Ship, have a look at our previous coverage of the game here. You can also check out the official website here. You’ll find the game on Steam here.

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