What’s the big idea?

IND13 has been created to fill a gap discovered in the magazine and publishing market – a title aimed at people interested in independent games development. Our team of people working in the independent gaming industry came together and created IND13 to fill that gap.

Independent gaming is huge across the globe and in the UK, 80% of UK studios are making games for online and mobile. Thousands of independent games are being made each month and millions of people are playing these games. Angry Birds, Temple Run and Plants Vs Zombies all came out of Indie studios. There are plenty more successful independent games to follow with the ever increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, Ofcom reported that 56% of adults in the UK now own a smart phone and 24% own a tablet.



Our aim is to cater to anyone interested in the field of independent games development; developers looking for good reading, people interested in independent games development and fans of indie games. But the beauty our title is that we can cover any size title, as every big AAA gaming title has an independent angle we can cover. Whether the developers have a history of being independent or the title has independent roots; GTA, FIFA and Call Of Duty, all have links to independent gaming. We strive to bring to IND13 the latest news, features and articles, relevant to independent development, including: Tech, Gaming, Apps, Business, Retro, Art, Next Generation, Mobile and Start Ups.



Advertising is available in the magazine. At this time all proceeds will go into the development and stability of IND13’s production. Paying for advertising will also mean we can cover paying clients’ titles with editorial as well as with traditional advertising placements in the magazine.

We also give pro bono ad placements to the companies the team work for, in exchange for our time spent contributing to the magazine and to keep our employers happy.


The Team

IND13 Magazine was founded by six members of the games industry who saw that independent gaming development was not receiving the coverage in magazines that it deserved. The nucleus of our team is based in the UK but we hope to have a team stretching the globe. We aim to have independent gaming news primarily from the UK, US, Europe and Asia, but also from all other gaming territories.

The team behind IND13 are all volunteers, and we give up our time because we are passionate about independent games development. The content of the magazine is made up of articles created by the IND13 team but also by voluntary contributors from the games industry. As a group we strive to be creative and always enjoy what we are doing and we hope this will always come across in our magazine.