Years after its original release, Always Sometimes Monsters us headed to PS4 next week. Here’s a look at the choices you gotta make when you got no money.

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that the life-simulating adventure game Always Sometimes Monsters is going to release on the PS4 next week. You can get your hand on the economic hardship simulator as early as 10th October, which is the coming Tuesday.

In Always Sometimes Monsters, you play as one half of a couple, both members of which are chooseable at the start of the game. The love of your life is going to get married in a ceremony on the other side of the United States, and you’ve decided you’re going there no matter what. The ‘no matter what’ part is kind of key considering your virtually broke. As the date of the wedding inches closer, you need to take on odd jobs and make important decisions about what you’re prepared to do to get what you want.

Always Sometimes Monsters was one of my favourite games of 2014, which is when it originally released on PC. It’s a well-written, genuine adventure that tells a realistic, modern story with moral choices that matter. One of the things I particularly appreciate about it is how you can choose your character’s (and your love’s) race, gender and sexual orientation, which affects how characters react to you. It’s the sort of contemporary story you don’t find often in video games.

Always Sometimes Monsters is presently available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. A sequel to the game was announced in 2015, confusingly titled Sometimes Always Monsters.

More life simulation and adventuring can be found in The Good Life, should it get funded. For something more laid back, there’s always Stardew Valley, which is also on PS4.

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