In Antegods, you participate in an intergalactic tournament and battle the opposing team with stone mechs. It’s being crowdfunded over at Fig.

Deathmatch tournaments in space have always been my secret narrative weakness, ever since I was exposed to unhealthy doses of Unreal Tournament as a kid. Antegods only had to say “intergalactic tournament” to have my attention, but then things got better: the story is based on the remnants of the Mayan civilisation taking to space and constructing stone mechs… that control even bigger mechs. Let’s get that straight: Mayan mechs in intergalactic deathmatch tournaments. Yes.

Antegods’ noisy and intricate-looking arenas are fully destructible and set in a procedurally generated map. Matches are 4v4, and teams fight with mechs that are themed after animals: Turtle, Wolf, Rhino and Chameleon. Each of these has unique abilities and handles differently. Apart from shooting your stone-built enemies to smithereens, you will also be collecting ‘silk’, which you will use to power stonepunk machines like turrets, as well as to activate your Titan.

Antegods appears to have just the right kind of riotous chaos that an arena shooter requires, while maintaining a mechanical complexity underneath. Between the mech types, territory control, silk acquisition, titans and of course, the shooting, there’s a proper mix of team tactics and blowing stuff up. Have a look at it in action.

Despite the tournament ladder set-up, Antegods’ lore is being taken very seriously by developer Codeglue. Apart from the game, they’re also going to produce a comic book series featuring “four adolescent pilots seeking out glory accross the vast and majestic gulf of space”. It’s practically an anime at this point.

Antegods is expected to release early next year on Steam and Windows 10. It is currently being crowdfunded at Fig, and has secured almost 25% of its goal.

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