Apple Arcade is Apple’s game subscription service, coming later this year

Apple has announced a Game Pass-style subscription service that works across iOS, Mac, and tvOS. It’s called the Apple Arcade, and it’s coming in 2019.

Apple has announced a renewed foray into the video games space with a new game subscription service called Apple Arcade. The short of it is, you pay a recurring fee for the subscription service, and then you can download and play all the games it includes, for as long as you like.

It should be made clear that unlike Google’s announcement of Stadia last week, Apple Arcade is not a streaming service. It allows for downloads and even offline play, so it’s more in line with Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription for the Xbox One.

What’s new about Apple Arcade is that it will work across all Apple platforms: iOS, Mac, and tvOS. You can download your game to all of these platforms and seamlessly switch between them.

If the mention of iOS games makes your eyes glaze over and think of free-to-play, microtransaction-based games, then take heart. Apple Aracde will be have a handpicked library of games with no ads or additional purchases.

Among the games and developers signed up for the service are Fantasian (Mistwalker, developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi), The Pathless (Giant Squid), Hot Lava (Klei Entertainment), and Beyond a Steel Sky (Revolution Software). Not all the games for the service will be exclusive to Apple platforms, although some of them certainly will be.

No pricing has been announced for Apple Arcade at the moment, but it is expected to launch later this year across 150 countries.

Check out the official website for Apple Arcade here.

Big moves are going on in the video games industry. Have a look at what Google is up to with its upcoming game streaming service Stadia. If you’d rather stick to Apple, have a look at our coverage of games for Mac (although we can’t promise they’ll all be coming to Apple Arcade).

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