As mentioned in a previous article the mech-action shooter game Assault Suit Leynos is out on PS4.

Now I had the chance to play the game of publisher Rising Star Games and developer Dracue Software.

Based on the legendary classic 16-bit series (also known as Target Earth), the Assault Suit series is famous for fierce and fast shooting action, a tactical variety of missions, and multiple weapon customization options. It is a quite hardcore, rougelike game in normal mode already (in my opinion) and it’s delivering nice HD visual quality.

The First Review

Well I haven’t played the Mega Drive / Genesis version, but it feels like playing a game made for those console, just in higher resolution.

A word of warning, if you play the classic mode in the options menu, make sure you have googled the word roguelike before. That is really hard work. I played this first and luckily all the points where added to my experience counter and at the end I was at level 10 after an hour of playing the first level. I did not finish the level though, but I tried very hard. Playing the story mode after that was a breeze.


The soundtrack reminds me of the good old times playing 16 bit games. Also I don’t know why, but the graphics reminded me somehow of Contra for some reason. At least a few times I have this flashback while playing. Also a friend mentions Cybernator (aka Assault Suits Valken in Japan) on the Super Nintendo.

All in all playing the game gave me a nice fuzzy nostalgic feeling.


Weapons & Tactics

Also an interesting fact is that I used some weapons and in a tactical way. Four example D-D weapon lets you shoot kind off flak with chaff or some kind of electrical shrapnel that hang in the air and moves slowly to the ground. Enemies that fly or walk into the deadly cloud get destroyed. This tactic works also great in boss fights.

Japanese as usual

As an Otaku I don’t mind the Japanese language and English subtitles etc. For me that add a nice flavor to this arcade style game.

The Controls

The only frustrating part for me personally was getting used to the controls layout. It’s took me a while to learn, but it all makes sense after a while.

Once I got used to flying over enemies and shooting at them, while flying or punching them when in close proximity.

The 8 different levels and missions are a good mix and I did not felt like it was monotone. Also changing or adding new unlocked weapons before each mission keeps the game interesting.


So if you like mechs, Japanese with English subtitles and don’t shy away from the (in my opinion) steep learning curve to manage the controls and like tough missions (in normal mode), then this game is for you.

It is not so hard in easy mode and I had a lot of fun, because of the different options you have to destroy the enemies.

About Rising Star Games
Rising Star Games is a privately held video games publisher with a global reach. With operating offices in Europe and USA the company publishes video game entertainment across all gaming platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and via Steam. With decades of combined experience and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, Rising Star Games is proud of its ever-expanding and enormously diverse catalogue of over 120 titles.

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