Astroneer prepared to take off in February 2019 on PC and Xbox One

Explore planets in sandbox survival game Astroneer when it escapes Early Access on PC and Xbox One early next year. Here’s the details on the launch.

Astroneer has been in Early Access for nearly two years now, and it has since garnered over 2 million adventurous souls who are prepared to explore extraterrestrial planets. Although the developers intended for the game to launch around the two-year anniversary of the Early Access release, it seems they’ve had to delay the game some. Now, Astroneer will launch on 6th February 2019, across both PC and Xbox One. If purchased on Xbox One, the game will be playable on Windows 10 as well, thanks to the game being a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

Here’s a colourful new trailer to celebrate the release date announcement:

Although the game is priced at $19.99 for now (with a further discount), it will launch at $29.99. In fact, the new launch price will go into effect only a few hours from the time of this post. You’d better hurry!

Here’s how the devs describe the game and its features:

Explore and reshape distant worlds! Astroneer is set during the 25th century’s Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

On this adventure, players can work together to build custom bases above or below ground, create vehicles to explore a vast solar system, and use terrain to create anything they can imagine. A player’s creativity and ingenuity are the key to seeking out and thriving while on exciting planetary adventures!

  • Reshape the ground under your feet as though it were made of clay.
  • Survive on and explore procedurally generated planets that can be entirely deformed and traversed.
  • Build vehicles and travel to new planets and moons.
  • Snap together components and objects to customize bases and vehicles.
  • 4 player online drop-in/drop-out co-op.

For more information on the game, check out its official website here.

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