If you’d like to support the development of Banner Saga 3 or upgrade your existing pledge, Stoic has set up a PledgeManager page just for you.

It sucks when you end up missing a Kickstarter you really wanted to back because you were too busy looking for treasure in hidden tropical tombs, like me. Thankfully, Stoic has set up a PledgeManager page for its upcoming game, Banner Saga 3, which was on Kickstarter earlier this year. What’s PledgeManager, you ask? As the site will show you, it’s pretty much the same as Kickstarter, except it has no time limit, so you can back the game’s development whenever you like.

PledgeManager is open to both new backers and existing Kickstarter backers, who can upgrade their pledges if they so choose. There’s a healthy scattering of backer rewards, so there’s a lot to get back for your pledge. In addition to these, you’ll become a part of the backer community.

Banner Saga 3 was funded by 8086 backers on Kickstarter to the tune of $416,986, although the original goal was a mere $200,000. The game will conclude the Banner Saga trilogy that began with the first game in 2014.

In this final adventure, developer Stoic will take players into an “untold darkness” where the loyalty of friends will be tested. Thanks to Kickstarter stretch goals, the game also sports playable Dredge heroes, a Survival Mode, the return of the character Ubin and ‘Eternal Arena’, a mode in which players can set up customisable quick-play match-ups.

Banner Saga 3 is under development for PC and Mac only at present (although other platforms haven’t been ruled out for the future). The game does not have an official release date, but Stoic posted an estimated release date of December 2018 on the game’s Kickstarter.

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