Jack Kelly has been framed for murder and he has to find out who’s responsible. Find out in Beat Cop, which has been confirmed for a March release.

Ever wanted to be a cop in New York just like in all the 80s movies? Well, not me. All the job stress, occupational hazards and poor pay don’t make for a very pleasing picture. But there’s always the chance you’re overcome many challenges to eliminate local crime while vindicating your name and maybe get the girl while you’re at it. Beat Cop is out to fulfil that fantasy, even if it has to put it together with pixel art.

The game’s developers have confirmed that Beat Cop will release on 30th March for PC, Mac and Linux.

You play as Jack Kelly, a former detective framed for a murder, and forced to become a beat cop to find out who’s behind this. Of course, with just about everyone against Officer Kelly in some way, you will have to struggle to achieve your goals. As a beat cop, however, you cannot ignore your responsibilities either, meaning you’ll have to deal with tickets and reprimanding pedestrians. Furthermore the game boasts a non-linear story with multiple endings and lots of black humour.

Actually, you know what’s a better way to explain how the game works? Using authentic 1980s-style rap. Let it wash over you:

Apart from the off-beat premise (see what I did there?), what really attracts me to this police simulator is what seems to be a healthy mix of irony and sincerity. It feels a lot like Punch Club in that respect, where it comes across as parody at times, but at other times, shines as a genuinely inspired love letter to its inspirations.

Beat Cop is developed by Polish developers Pixel Crow, while 11 Bit Games is publishing the game. You can get Beat Cop from Steam when it releases. It will be priced at $14.99.

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