Beneath a Steel Sky to get a sequel titled Beyond a Steel Sky

The creators of Beneath a Steel Sky are creating a sequel to the now-25-year-old game. Beyond a Steel Sky will release on PC, Apple Arcade, and “consoles”.

Veterans of PC adventure games might remember Beneath a Steel Sky, which came out in 1994 for MS-DOS and Amiga (remember Amiga?). Yesterday, a sequel was announced to the sci-fi classic, titled Beyond a Steel Sky.

Beyond a Steel Sky was announced alongside Apple Arcade, which is Apple’s game subscription service (think Microsoft’s Game Pass, but available on all Apple devices). While the game will release on Apple Arcade (and all its supported devices, i.e. iOS, Mac, and tvOS), it will also release on PC and unspecified consoles.

The sequel will be created by Revolution Software, who also created the original game 25 years ago. The studio has mostly been working on the Broken Sword series in the interim, although its last game was released in 2014.

Here’s what you can expect from the game:

Beyond a Steel Sky is a hugely ambitious adventure in which intelligent, humorous emergent gameplay drives an edgy narrative. Very much an adventure, the game is set in a dynamic, bounded-sandbox world. A unique world that will respond to—and be subverted by—the player’s actions. The game characters, driven by advanced AI tech, are willful and motivated: their intelligent responses allow interesting, emergent solutions to puzzles and obstacles.

And here’s a look at the actual game, courtesy All Games Delta:

While there’s no official website for the game right now, you can check out Revolution Software’s website here in the meantime.

25 years! Gosh, adventure games have been around forever! Check out our review of Truberbrook, an adventure game that hearkens back to classic point-and-clicks. Also have a look at Tales of the Neon Sea, which is coming out soon.

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