Minimalistic open world puzzler Bokida gets a trailer and May release date

Help reunite the worlds of light and dark in Bokida, a game about creation and destruction in a stark, surreal world. Here's when you can get right to it.

The worlds of light and dark have been separated in Bokida and it's up to you to reunite them. With the power of love, perhaps? Well, sort of. But also through the power of colourful, Minecraft-esque building. But instead of making castles or giant statues, you're solving puzzles? Alright, there's a lot going on in this minimalistic puzzler. France-based developer Rice Cooker Republic has announced that Bokida will release on May 17th. The release will be only on PC via Steam for now. Apart from exploring the world of light (and also, it seems, the world of dark?), you will be using four verbs: Build, Cut, Push and Clean. Build is the Minecraftian block-building verb, while cut lets you slice through both blocks and the geometry of the world. Push lets you... push blocks. Finally, clean appears to be a kind of eraser that cleans out the blocks in the area. There's also a new trailer for the game out now, and it gives you a spin through the beauty of a world simultaneously stark and enchanting. It's monochromatic, but punctuated by colour in just the right way. I particularly love the look of the dark world, being a creature of the night myself. Bokida looks to be, above all else, a calming experience with a quiet, heart-warming story behind it. It looks to be a particularly fresh confluence of creation and destruction. You can check out the official site here, where you'll also find a demo for the game. The Steam page doesn't seem to have gone live as of yet, but you can have a look at the game's Greenlight page for some details.

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