What happens when Bomberman collides with Red Dead Redemption? Bombslinger! Will you avenge your wife, or will you battle it out in multiplayer?

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t going to be out for a while, so if you’ve got a strong cowboy itch, here’s an explosive way to scratch it. Bombslinger, developed by Belgian studio Mode4, will release on 11th April. The game has been in Steam Early Access for nearly a year and a half, but it will release next month across all planned platforms: PC, Xbox One and Switch.

Bombslinger looks a lot like Bomberman, which is an inspiration it wears on its sleeve with pride. Apart from the Wild West cowboy aesthetic, the game differs from its inspiration in that it features procedurally generated levels. When every game has a fresh new level, every game is a blast! (You can credit me, thanks)

The game features both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. The game’s story has you playing as a bandit-turned rancher whose wife was killed by his own murderous brother. Out for revenge, you must take down members of your former posse and face off against their leader, the Gunslinger. Sling a few bombs his way and show him not to bring a revolver to a bomb-fight.

If you’re more of a competitive sort, there’s also a multiplayer mode in the game, in which you can go up against 3 friends in local multiplayer. The game also has bots, just in case.

Here’s a look at the new trailer for the game:

Check out the official website for Bombslinger here. You can get your hands on a bomb or two right now by checking the game out in its Early Access form over at Steam.

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