Retro-inspired pixel-art canine platformer One Dog Story is out now

In One Dog Story, a highly intelligent (and dangerous) dog wakes up in an underground laboratory, and now it’s time for him to find out what’s going on.

One Dog Story is the harrowing tale of a puppy named EO-43. After waking up in an underground laboratory, he must find out why he’s become hyper intelligent to the point of being able to using guns and equipment, as well as solving puzzles.

This set-up gives way to an action-adventure-slash-platformer game in a side-scrolling view. As you’d expect from a game hearkening back to “Good Old Platform Games”, the game has pixel art graphics and a retro-style soundtrack. To be fair, the game’s plot and canine mascot wouldn’t be terribly out-of-place in a 1990s game for the SNES.

The plot isn’t just window dressing, though. The game will have a narrative focus and involve NPCs with unique personalities and extensive dialogue. There’s also environments to explore and interact with (even beyond shooting everything you see, that is). The game’s story has been described as non-linear, and there’s mystery not only within the laboratory, but in the world above. Aiding you in your quest will be the other laboratory experiments. Not aiding you in your quest will be heinous bosses.

Naturally, there’s collectibles, because this is an action-adventure game. Finally, there are multiple endings. Which ending you get depends on the choices you’ve made over the course of the game. There’s also a wicked skateboard apparently, because this really probably is the 90s. Or is it a hoverboard? One can never really be sure with these pixel art graphics.

Here’s a trailer showing EO-43 kick some butt.

One Dog Story is out now on PC, Mac and Linux. Developer Big Way Games has made no mention of console or mobile versions of the game. Here it is on Steam.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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