Cut out your avatar and your home out of cardboard, and battle cardboard dinosaurs (?!) to survive. CardLife is coming to Early Access next month.

CardLife is the sort of winsome title pun I can get behind. It also helps that the game itself is a clever, but dedicated effort at creating an entire world out of cardboard. It doesn’t quite begin and end with being a Minecraft clone, though. This is a world where you can actually cut out the cardboard to edit the world as you see fit.

Have a look at the announcement trailer below to get a good gist of how all this works:

CardLife should make for a particularly strong combination of creativity, survival, and building; and you can play it either offline by yourself, or online on a dedicated server. There’s support for up to 40 players on each server, which should make for a lot of mayhem (and some interesting constructions). Not only is the cardboard of the game’s world editable in itself, but all the game files are editable too, allowing extensive modding support.

In its current state, the game allows you explore the world, harvest resources, craft tools, build buildings and more. British developer Freejam has a lot planned for the future, though. The full list on the Steam page shows such ambitions as farming, cooking, dungeon exploration, creature mounts, natural disasters, mechs, improved combat, skills, and oh my, there’s a lot on there.

CardLife is releasing into Steam Early Access on 9th October, and it will be playable exclusively on PC. According to the devs, a full release is planned for late 2019, but may be further delayed depending on changes on the game’s scope. For more information, check out the official website here.

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