Gorytale - Gun

Gorytale drops adorable mayhem to Steam July 2019

Chinese Parents from Moyuwan Games – Interview with YANG Geyilang

This week we caught up with YANG Geyilang from Moyuwan Games to talk about the…
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Hammerting from Warpzone Studios – Interview with Linda Zetterman

This week I caught up with Linda Zetterman from Warpzone Studios to talk about her…
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Godhood will let you be as gods when it launches in Early Access this July

The developers of Reus and Renowned Explorers are returning with another god game, titled Godhood.…
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Transient blends Lovecraft with cyberpunk; comes from Conarium devs

The devs of Conarium are returning under a new name and with yet another Lovecraftian…
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Supraland – Review

In Supraland, you solve puzzles and fight baddies in a miniature world. Did it turn…
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Outer Wilds to release on PC and Xbox One next week; new trailer out

In Outer Wilds, you must solve the mystery of a solar system that’s trapped in…
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Pathologic 2 gets a gameplay overview trailer ahead of next week’s release

The grim adventure Pathologic 2 is coming out next week, and tinyBuild has released a…
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Conglomerate 451 to release on Steam Early Access next week

The first-person, grid-based dungeon crawler Conglomerate 451 will bring its dark, cyberpunk world to Steam…
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Necrobarista to release in August for PC; console versions to come in 2020

Necrobarista has come a long way since its 2017 announcement, but it is now scheduled…
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