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Fimbul – Review

Vambrace: Cold Soul to release on PC and Mac in April; on consoles in Q3 2019

Even as the northern hemisphere emerges into Spring, Vambrace: Cold Soul will bring back memories…
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The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition to release later in February on PS4

After enlightening Steam, Switch, and Xbox One players on the dangers of undead veggies, The…
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Songbird Symphony gets a catchy new gameplay trailer; release date set for July

Songbird Symphony stars an adorably musical bird and features platforming, puzzle, and rhythm elements. It…
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Fimbul is a Norse-themed action adventure releasing in February

Brace your mittens, ’tis the winter before Ragnarok. Fimbul will offer branching story paths and…
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Wargroove set to release next week on PC, Xbox One, and Switch; later on PS4

As announced in the Nintendo Indie Highlights presentation today, Wargroove will release next week. PS4…
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Riot: Civil Unrest to break out of Early Access and march in the streets in February

Riot: Civil Unrest will let you control rioters or cops in several real-world-based scenarios when…
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Truberbrook is Cold War adventure made out of real-life miniatures; coming in March

Truberbrook is a point-and-click about a PhD scientist uncovering a mystery in West Germany. It’s…
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The Occupation has been delayed again, will now release in March

Real-time political adventure game The Occupation has been delayed by a month. It’s now expected…
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YIIK: A Postmodern RPG – Review

In YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, you search for a missing woman as the end of…
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