Cede is a mash-up of Diablo and Harvest Moon, in which you must turn your enemies into plants to transform a wasteland into a lush, green world.

Cede is a game under development currently seeking funds on Kickstarter that presents an interesting mechanic. “Combat farming”, as the devs call it, involves using your main character to defeat enemies and turn them into seeds that you can plant. By doing so, you help transform a grey wasteland into a green utopia, and the plants even help you fight your enemies: either directly, or by buffing your statistics.

You control the ape-like protagonist Seph, who can fight, dodge, roll to move faster and pick up and move plants. Assisting him in his farming are the three Lil Bois, one of whom is responsible for laying down seeds on enemies, another for watering them, and a third for shining down the sun’s rays on the plants.

Stretch goals for the game presently include a customisable farm hub and a local co-op campaign. The Kickstarter page does hint at many other stretch goals yet to be revealed, however.

The game is being developed by the Massachusetts-based studio BareHand.

Cede is currently seeking $65,000 on Kickstarter, and so far has less than 10% of the funding it needs. The campaign does have 41 days to go, though, so there’s plenty of time for the funding to grow.

Presently, the game is planned to launch only on PC (including DRM-free versions). However, the developers plan to eventually reach Mac, Linux, PS4 and Switch as well. Estimated release window is June 2019, but this being a Kickstarter estimate, it could take even more (or less) time.

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