Ophelia, IND13’s Next Gen gamer, was back at Comic Con this weekend indulging in her love of, well, comics, anime, games and eSports.

A variety of coloured costumes, bright lights and stalls loaded with clothing, toys, bags and even swords, drawing me in and begging me to buy them. Around every corner people would be redoing their makeup or putting in their contact lenses. Sections filled with attendees watching Warwick Davis answering questions asked by the fans themselves. As well as interviews, there are bands, food places run by unique companies, drink places such as Starbucks and Costa and mini gardens flooded with people.

Comic Con did not cease to amaze me, or anybody else. There were walls dedicated to certain companies or shows. A Marvel wall was filled with people dressed as Thor, Loki, Black Widow, Deadpool, and many more, having their pictures taken or posing for a selfie. Not far behind it was a Tokyo Ghoul wall with life-sized cardboard figures of Tsukiyama, Kaneki Ken, Rize-san and Touka Kirishima. As well as this, there were props such as statues, motorbikes and police cars that you could have your pictures with and groups of characters, such as the Emperor with Darth Vadar and his Storm Troopers that would pose with you while your picture is taken.

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There were many areas full of people dedicated to eSports. The tension in the area could not go amiss as two men used all of their gaming knowledge in order to defeat their opponent and win the prize. The crowd was quiet as they gazed at the screen and listened to the three men who narrated the intense showdown. Finally, when one had given up, the crowd cheered and, one by one, left. Nearby the eSports area were many games and groups of people watching others play against each other. The people who were running the Attack On Titan game were giving out posters as people came closer, interested in the game that was based on a popular, new, upcoming anime. Behind the crowd of A.O.T fans was another group of people playing a game similar to Street Fighter. As I picked a character and tried out the game, a group of people surrounded me and started narrating my moves, as well as saying what the best moves would be and why.

As the time sped by, I browsed through the stalls looking at everything to offer. Many of the stalls were selling cute, cuddly cat toys and t-shirts with popular anime characters printed onto the front. Posters hung limp from the top of stalls crowded with people surrounding it. Around every corner, there were things from Black Butler, Avengers, Supernatural, Sword Art Online, Star Wars and much more. Dresses, stationary and even trips to go sightseeing in Japan were being sold and previews of new television shows, based on comics, were being showed.

Even when I left, the event was still going. In the outside areas, there were cafes, restaurants and small shops with queues reaching the pathway. People were surrounding others, taking pictures of the amazing costumes which reached around double the size of them. A pop-punk band were throwing their t-shirts at the surrounding fans taking videos as they sang songs that ran through the air. Even on the trains, there were many people dressed in huge heels with wild, coloured hair and makeup beyond imagination. Throughout the cramped space was the sound of rustling bags as people admired what they’d bought. Eventually, as my station was nearing, the train became empty, and almost all traces of Comic Con were gone.

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