CrossCode, which has been in Early Access for over two years now, now has an estimated release window, as well as a new 0.9.5 version to try.

Developer Radical Fish Games has announced that CrossCode will is scheduled to release sometime in Early 2018. The news comes hot on the heels of a new Early Access version of the game, bearing the shiny new number 0.9.5. There’s also a brand new trailer for the game, which shows off the environments and action the game has on offer, all in smooth 60 frames per second. Have a look at it:

The game’s story follows the blue-haired protagonist Lea, who is mute, as she explores a futuristic MMO named CrossWorlds. Apart from being mute, she is also amnesiac, and playing through the MMO, she will discover what caused her to end up in the situation she’s in.

The actual game bears SNES-inspired graphics combined with fast-paced action gameplay, all while retaining robust character-building RPG elements. There’s NPCs, quests, cyborg crabs, damage numbers and a bouncing ball, and probably anything else that the developers thought of. The game also boasts a very sophisticated physics system—not something you’d expect from an actual SNES game, but then that’s the reason this game isn’t coming out on Nintendo’s veteran console.

The newest update, 0.9.5, does bring with new story content, but the developers note that this is the last story content that will be released in Early Access form. For the full experience, wait until the game actually releases in a year’s time.

CrossCode is in development for PC, Mac and Linux. You can check out the demo on either the official site, or over Steam. The game started as an HTML5 experiment and as a result, the demo can actually be played online in your browser (at the official site).

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