Cuphead gets an April release date for content update and Switch release

Cuphead is jumping over to the Nintendo Switch, and it will even have Xbox Live features (later). Existing owners can look forward to a content update.

Cuphead is one of the most stylish and laboured indie games to come out in recent years, and it’s had quite the journey. Now, it’s furthering its adventures by heading onto the Switch next month.

According to developer Studio MDHR, Cuphead will release on the Nintendo Switch on 18th April. You can pre-purchase the game over at Nintendo eShop already.

Curiously, Microsoft is also working on the Switch version of the game, helping bring Xbox Live features to the port. Earning Xbox Live achievements while playing a Nintendo console? Insanity.

The release of the Switch version will coincide with a new content update for the game that will be available for Xbox One and PC owners of the game (while being included with the Switch version).

In it, you can expect character selection so that you can choose to play as Mugman right from the start of the game. There’s also animated cutscenes and new art, but most crucially, the game will be available in 10 additional languages. What particularly piques my interest is that for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localisation, Studio MDHR worked with expert calligraphers to authentically recreate lettering for boss and level title screens.

Check out the new and specially filmed trailer for the Switch version of the game:

Cuphead originally released in 2017 for Xbox One and PC. Developer Studio MDHR has firmly stated that it will never release on the PS4. For more information on Cuphead, have a look at its official website here.

Microsoft collaborating with Nintendo? That’s madness. What’s even madder, though, is Google’s new game platform Stadia. But fine, if you just want more stylish action, have a look at Ape Out, which is also out on Switch.

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