StudioMDHR has confirmed that its old-timey-looking platformer Cuphead will release on Xbox One and PC, but will never come out on PS4. Sorry, PS4 owners.

If you were a PS4 owner hoping to play Cuphead, you’re out of luck. StudioMDHR has confirmed to Eurogamer that “there will be no PS4 version”. Typically, when companies are planning a version of their game for a different console, they either refuse to comment, or declare that they “have no plans at the time”. In that light, StudioMDHR’s statement sounds quite decisive.

So what can you play Cuphead on? It will release on Xbox One and PC, where it will be available in the Windows 10 store as well as Steam. According to a statement by Tyler Moldenhauer of StudioMDHR on the forum NeoGAF, there may also be a Mac version and a Linux version down the road, but on consoles, the game will remain exclusive to the Xbox One.

You’d think that Cuphead’s console exclusivity is due to Microsoft owning the IP, but it turns out that’s not the case at all. As Moldenhauer states in the post, StudioMDHR owns the rights to the game.

Cuphead’s style seeks to emulate cartoons of the 1930s, and the game has even been created by painstakingly recreating the techniques that were used to make those cartoons. It features a jazz soundtrack to match the mood, hand-drawn animation and watercolour backgrounds, all creating a shockingly authentic look.

As for gameplay, Cuphead is a run-and-gun platformer focused on boss battles, and it features both singleplayer and local co-op modes. For inspirations, StudioMDHR cites classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Contra III, Contra Hard Corps, Super Mario World, the Thunderforce series and Street Fighter III.

As we reported before, the long-awaited Cuphead will be releasing on 29th September this year.

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