Ever wanted Stardew Valley, but with a dash of urban decay? Damnview: Built From Nothing is bringing that fantasy next year to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

There aren’t enough high-concept games out there, but indies, as usual, are stepping up to the challenge. Damnview: Built From Nothing is a game that deals with the despair and decadence invoked by the capitalist system. Being a life simulation game, that means you get to perform a variety of jobs in a city that will swallow you whole—or spit you out. Will you find yourself driving cabs, or dealing drugs? Maybe both?

Have a look at the slick yet gritty reveal trailer for the game:

And here’s a look at what to expect from the game:

  • A vast, detailed sandbox city to explore – work your way up the class ladder as you forge relationships within the city.
  • Discover a world teeming with interesting characters from all walks of life: each character has its own story and purposes, and each will lead you down a different path.
  • Take on interesting jobs that present even more opportunities. Some good, some bad – the choice is yours. Drive a cab, work in a video store or a laundry, smuggle all sorts of goods or sell drugs in the alleyways. In this life you must do whatever you need to survive.
  • Manage your income, build your home from nothing and try to maintain or improve your living situation and lifestyle – but be wary, breaking out of society’s recurrent loops and defeating the capitalistic machine might cost you everything you have.

Damnview: Built From Nothing is being developed by studio Brainwash Gang and published by Sindiecate Arts. It is slated to release sometime in 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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