Death Gauntlets, Zombie Head Soccer, and More. Trap House Hits Steam

Trap House was developed and published by the independent game studio Hive Mind. Trap House provides a novel and challenging experience for newcomers and veteran gamers alike. A couch game to its core, it focuses on multiplayer, push-‘em-up mayhem across multiple modes and levels. To learn more about Trap House, visit the Steam page.

A small team of talented game developers—still enrolled in college—arrive on the scene of their first game jam. Having lived off of nothing but vending machine snacks and energy drinks for the last week, their prototype game was finally ready. They start their preparations, begin to set up, but then realize… the game won’t start!

This was just the first of many obstacles the team at Hive Mind has had to overcome in order to launch their game in just 7 months. They were able to salvage their first game jam by playing the game through the actual engine itself. While the team could have easily packed it up and called it a day, their determination to overcome this obstacle is what has molded them into the studio they are today. During this game jam, the team saw not only themselves having fun playing their game, but complete strangers as well. This was a game they made, something they created from nothing. This was Trap House.

The day before the game jam officially started, Rodrigo Santelices, Lead Designer at Hive Mind, mocked up a one-page outline for the initial game concept. There were two pixelated characters, one pushing the other into a wall of spikes. Underneath, it read, “No weapons. Just pushing. Trap House.”

After 7 months of 70-hour workweeks, a little over 30,000 lines of code, and dodging countless technical and creative obstacles to finally get it right, Trap House has hit the Steam store! Equipped with a simple idea conceived at a local game jam, a small team of 6 members living under a single roof in Carmel, Indiana, has made their dream a reality.

Influenced by retro games, Trap House incites nostalgia with it’s pixelated graphics and use of iconic traps, and provides a novel and challenging experiences for newcomers and veteran gamers alike. A couch game to its core, Trap House focuses on multiplayer, push-‘em­up mayhem across multiple modes and levels.

Releasing with 6 different game modes and over 200 levels, Trap House will keep you and your friends pushing each other around for endless hours of fun. Game modes include:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Last Team Standing
  • Escape
  • Dodgesaw
  • Murderball
  • Gauntlet

For Hive Mind, Community is the most important part of Trap House. The Level Editor allows you to connect and participate in the Community. Not only are you able to create your own levels, but also share them among the Community. Build your own work of art, express your creativity to the Community, and drive your friends insane with super difficult levels.


As you continue to play Trap House, you will unlock cosmetic items to use in the Character Customizer. Create and save up to 10 unique characters to kill your friends with. There are over 30 million unique combinations (not including color options) so get creative! Your limits are only bound by your imagination. From a party­time Benjamin Franklin to an off-world alien bounty hunter, the possibilities are endless.


By playing Trap House, you’re doing more than just throwing saw blades at your best friend’s head, or pushing them into a bottomless pit. You’re supporting a dream – one that has made into a reality through relentless hard work, sleepless nights, and an undying passion for the indie gaming community. The team over at Hive Mind sincerely hopes you enjoy playing Trap House as much as they enjoyed making it!

Visit the Trap House Steam page and start playing today!

This article was written by a third-party consultant after a Question & Answer session with the team at Hive Mind.

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