Balance your emotional health against your cash and driver star rating in Neo Cab, a narrative game about being a human cabbie in an AI-dominated world.

In the future, all our driving will probably be done by artificial intelligence. Neo Cab is set in a future where that’s almost the case, except you are a human cab driver. Of course, driving your passengers from one part of the city to another isn’t all you’re going to have to do. As any experienced player of Yakuza 5 will tell you, driving a cab means engaging with your passenger and conversing with them. That’s where things get tricky.

In Neo Cab, you play as Lina Romero, an empathetic young woman. The meat of the game will be its emotion system, which drives every conversation, and where the choices you make will have consequences for both your passenger and your own emotional health. And there’s the small matter of earning cash and having a good star rating, too.

Neo Cab is looking all kinds of promising, from its cyberpunk-ish visuals and music to its narrative-heavy focus. It reminds me strongly of the recent adventure classic VA-11 HALL-A. We really can’t have too many games about empathy and emotional health.

Here’s the first official trailer for the game, which premiered at E3 2018’s PC Gaming Show.

Neo Cab is under development at Chance Agency, a brand new outfit based in San Francisco. This is the studio’s debut game, and it features writing from Leigh Alexander, Kim Belair, Bruno Dias, Duncan Fyfe, Paula Rogers & Robin Sloan. Chance Agency is publishing the game by itself.

The game is expected to release sometime in 2019 for PC. It will be available on and Steam. Check out the official website here.

The Neo Cab team consists of folks who also worked on Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, which is also a narrative adventure. Speaking of games with strong narratives, check out the recently-released Smoke and Sacrifice.

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