STALKER-like MMO shooter Escape From Tarkov has a hefty new update to prepare the game for its impending open beta. Also coming: many, many localisations.

The newest update for MMOFPS Escape From Tarkov has added over 70 new items to the game. Also included are new weapons, such as the AKM (in both its military and civilian variants), and the silenced DVL-10 M1 “SABOTEUR” rifle. You can have a look at the AKM in the picture above, with more screenshots available at the Media section of the official website.

There are many new enhancements to the game apart from these, though. According to the official blog post, you can now use all gestures and voice commands and use new weapon techniques like blind-fire and stock folding. Grenades, armour and character damage systems also appear to have been revised, and there’s optimisations made to AI, RAM usage, bug fixes and other stuff you’d expect from a good patch.

The Open Beta itself is expected to launch around the end of the year, and there will be even more patches coming to the game by then. One addition that should help boost the game’s popularity worldwide is the addition of numerous localisations. The languages planned so far include German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. Bear in mind that a Russian localisation is already available, which should be no surprise given that the game is made in Russia.

Escape From Tarkov puts you in the role of one of many ‘scavs’ – residents of Tarkov forced to violently struggle in order to survive. Comparisons to STALKER are rife, from its Eastern European aesthetic to its penchant for ammo and item management. The game has particularly picked up a reputation for its highly detailed weapons and weapon customisation. Also promised is permadeath: if you die at any point in the game (and those bullets are deadly, mind), you will drop all the loot you picked up along the way. Life’s hard in ol’ Tarkov.

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