Carbon Warfare is now available on iOS and it is not looking too great for Mother Earth.

Trump has become president of the United States and he has been very vocal about his lack of belief in Global Warming. Now, we could all do our part to help stop corporations from destroying our planet – or, if you can’t beat them, join them. Carbon Warfare entertains this fantasy.

Carbon Warfare is a strategy game that allows players to destroy our planet by generating carbon emissions that result in catastrophes that wipe out major cities on earth. In order to achieve this goal, players must plan how to manipulate the media to sway public opinion, whilst adapting their business to political and environment change.

Carbon Warfare Launch Trailer

The game offers a variety of reality-based events and scenarios that allow players to destroy the planet in a multitude of ways. Global catastrophes vary from earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, wildfires, drought, diseases and many more. The player can build corporations based around industries such as oil and car manufacturing, with the intention of making them as environmentally damaging as possible. This challenge can be undertaken at three difficulty levels.

Despite allowing the player to act as devil’s advocate, Carbon Warfare has some serious messages behind its gameplay. Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtuous, has said:

“We wanted to deliver a game that provokes greater social awareness
around the threats and consequences of global warming.”

What is even more interesting around the development of Carbon Warfare is that the environmental damage taking place within the game has been created using an equation devised by environmental economist Dr. Yoram Bauman. Therefore, it can be assumed that the damage the player is doing is a realistic simulation of what is actually taking place today.

Carbon Warfsre

The timing of the release of Carbon Warfare is also fitting since Leonardo Di Caprio has just starred in a National Geographic documentary named “Before the Flood.” Having already racked up 60 million views, it is fair to say that this documentary has reignited conversations regarding climate change.

It looks like Carbon Warfare is helping  to convey how fragile our human existence is and the processes that look to threaten it.  This is arguably the best medium of understanding the impact of global warming since we are not merely spectators of the process, but rather, we are actually
playing devil’s advocate ourselves.

Who knows? In the future Carbon Warfare could be used as an example to demonstrate the power of video games as a medium and their ability to engage people with issues that they otherwise felt detached from.

Carbon Warfare has been developed by Gamesource, the developers behind games such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within mobile versions.

The game is available on iOS devices and soon to be released on Android products.

To learn more about Gamesource, visit their website.



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