The first episode of The Lion’s Song, titled ‘Silence’, follows a young musician as she struggles with writer’s block in an Alpine cabin.

The Lion’s Song — which I keep typing as ‘The Lion King’ by accident — is an adventure game composed of four episodes, of which the first episode has been made available on Steam for free. The appealing sepia-toned pixel-art of the game illustrates Austria in the early years of the 20th century, and the game’s story focuses on the ‘personal struggle for creativity, human connections and inspiration’. For a game that’s using a limited palette, it’s trying to deal with a lot of tall themes.

In the first episode, we follow Wilma, a musician-student whose talent is discovered by a professor. To help cure her writer’s block, he sends her to an Alpine cabin. While living alone with the elements, Wilma ‘suddenly has an unexpected encounter’. It’s not a particularly long episode, if the Steam reviews are anything to go by, with many reviewers having played it for less than an hour. Still, you can’t beat the price of free.

Like with any self-respecting episodic game, the choices you make in this episode will affect future episodes of the game. The second episode of the game will centre around Franz, a painter, and the third episode will star Emma, a mathematician. The final episode will bring together all the protagonists for a final bow as you witness how their stories intertwine.

The Lion’s Song is being developed in Vienna by Mi’pu’mi Games, possibly the only developer I’ve seen use two apostrophes in their name. You can try out the first episode for free on Steam here, and get the season pass for the rest of the episodes. The game will also be eventually released on Android and iOS, although no dates have been announced yet.

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