City building survival game Frostpunk gets a debut gameplay trailer

The developers of This War of Mine have released a new trailer for their upcoming city-building-slash-survival game, Frostpunk, showing off the gameplay.

We’ve had glimpses at 11 bit Studios’ next game, Frostpunk, but the developer has now released a proper gameplay trailer for the game. While it’s not exactly a walkthrough or anything, it does set the tone and theme while showing off an example of the cities you’ll find you’ll find yourself building. It looks really pretty, too, and as far as technical prowess goes, it looks like a massive step over the developer’s previous game, This War of Mine.

While This War of Mine made you responsible for the survival of a few battered civilians in a war zone, Frostpunk takes you a level higher by making you responsible for an entire city. Your urban conglomeration will use steam technology, the last solace in a world taken over by frost.

You’ll be responsible for making the laws that govern the city, as well as building things and expanding the city’s borders. It’s not quite a walk in a snowy park, however, and you’ll frequently have to make difficult choices, balancing morality with survival. As your city grows, you’ll also reach out to other people out in the snowy wastes, while also conducting expeditions.

If you happen to be attending PAX West over in Seattle, Frostpunk is going to be playable at Booth #133, which is on Level 4. PAX West will be on from 1st to 4th September.

Frostpunk is in development for PC only at the moment, and has no release window as of now. Here’s the Steam page. We’ve also covered Frostpunk in the past: check out the game’s initial announcement and eventual reveal trailer.

For some more snow-themed survival, check out The Long Dark. If you’d rather stick to building cities but with less grim choices, have a look at Block’hood.

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