Galak-Z and the Ugly (Space) Bugs

Richard and I played countless hours of Galak-Z on PS4, a Rougelike top down space shooter. 2916229-galakzreview_promo Here a few bug experiences, tips & tricks we found to help ease the pain of this addictive Rougelike game. The Bug(s) Galak Z is hard but fair. There is only one Problem. The Bugs. I don't mean the easy enemy Bugs. I mean Bugs like freezing, endless loading, etc.  In a normal Game this is annoying but you easy load your safe game and start again. Not in Galak-Z. In GalGalak-Z Bugak-Z your goal is to play 5 Seasons with each Season includes 5 Missions/Levels. The thing is, if you die in a Mission, you lost the progress of the current season. Depending of your gamestyle this can mean some Minutes to hours of hard work ( in my case hours). Spoiler ALERT: In Season 3, Mission 3.  My mission was to destroy 3 satellites. I had a good equipped ship (and Mech, yes you get a transformer Robotech-like Mech later on). I destroyed the first two Satellites by sneaking in and by avoiding the tough guys. So far so good, as a bug appeared. An awkward game bug. I was in Mech mode as I lost control of everything accept thrust, boost and steering. What the...! No weapon fire, transform, sword, rockets, doge,etc. Hmm. I tried  to switch the Dualshock controllers, set the PS4 to rest mode,  remapped the buttons of the PS4, nothing worked.  I could restart and die that Season, but would lost my hard earned ship accessories and two hours of "work". Hmm, the game was still running, I'm not dead und one Satellite to go. Lets do this. Searched for the remaining third Satellite and found it (easy, big marker on the Map :) ). Still no weapons. So I tried to let the enemies kill it. I flew circles around the last satellite, followed by a bunch of crazy tough guys with endless ammunition. 10 Minutes later, the Satellite was history and I on my way to the Warp point, followed by the same bunch of crazy guys. At the Warp point they met with a other unfriendly Faction. The good thing is, they don't like each other. The bad thing is they hate me more.  So I decoy the two bunches of crazy guys and fighting ships away from the Warp point, used the boost back to the Warp point and finished the Mission. Puhhh, that was close, but I was happy I managed it somehow. So a game bug became one of my big gaming moments in Galak-Z. Tips and Tricks Strategy Every Opponent has a strategy to be beaten. (if you have the right equipped Ship/Mech) For example. The Rhino, use the Mech with Schild and Sword. Boost to the backside of the Rhino on attack, fly back and again. Keep an eye on your shield bar. Mechs. Keep your distance. Use the Ship boost backward and fire, fire, fire, if a Mech comes too close, flee with a boost, and again fire, fire.... watch your shield bar. The Big Imperial Ship. Use the Mech-mode and grab one of the big DARK Asteroids.  Through the Asteroid two-times on the Big Imperial Battleship an its history. Easy Money. Ka-Ching! Square Button. Use it. It cost you nothing and its pure gold when you got it. As a Ship you doge above bullets, and opponents. As a Mech it gives you a Knight-like Shield. Use it. Use it.... Grind. Money is rare. So if you are in a position to kill everything on the map, do it. Kill every Bug, Ship, etc. Get every chest. You need the money and it gives you more confidence in your skills too. Equipment / Perks Good equipment is really important in Galak Z. Boost is king. It gives you the opportunity to flee. So it gives you time. Remember you can beat every opponent with time, skill and strategy. Shield. Later in the game you can get a third Shield. ( I wouldn't make it to the final season without it.)  Keep an eye on your Shield. It regenerates. It is your friend. I finished the 4 Season with maximum Boost, Cease Fire, Fire Core, Double Shoot, Good amount of Missile Perks, Three bars of Shield and fast Shield regeneration. Cheats These 'cheats' seem to be game bugs we found in earlier version, and hope they still exist, so don't tell the developer ;) The Nuts and Bold Cheat. If you have the opportunity to buy the Nuts and Bolt Perk, do it. After a mission it regenerates one life bar, But, after the prompt purchased "Nuts and Bolt one Life restored", go to the main menu of the game and start the mission again. It will give you another health bar. You can do that again and again... Merchant If you have enough Money, you can by from the merchant some perks twice. Buy it, go to the menu, start the mission again. You can by it again. Like the second boost. Finally We hope this helps in your Galak-Z quest for survival and achievements. We had a blast with this game, despite the fact of the (game) bugs we found and the Rough-like gameplay. Article by Marcus Eilers AvatarHobbys are Gaming, Ice Hockey, Movies, Cooking Loves Gaming since c64,... Amiga,PC,PlayStation... Favorate Games are Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3, ICO, Uncharted, Eufloria, NHL,Towerfall, Don´t Starv and a ton more...

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