Games of Glory now available on Steam

The Lightbulb Crew has announced that Games of Glory is now steamrolling through your PCs.  Players can now download the game from the Steam application. Players with existing accounts can then login with their regular Games of Glory accounts, and find lots more friends to play with.

In Games of Glory the players participate in intense arena battles that decide the future of the galactic empire, the Synarchy. Games of Glory combines Hack & Slash controls, free aiming à la shooters and an arsenal of more than 40 weapons to choose from. Games of Glory presents a major difference in the way battle arenas have traditionally been played, by making e-sports part of the setting, and offering players the ability to choose different roles within the e-sport universe, such as star players, tournament planners, club head, trainer, recruiter, and more.

If you are interested in hearing more about Games Of Glory, read an interview with the developers in the third issue of IND13

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