Get jive talking and unleash your 70s’ disco fever with Disco Dave

Disco Dave is bringing its flare(s) to you this September 8th so you can get down and boogie on your iPhone or Android device.

Disco Dave aims to be a ‘fun to pick-up and play’ game with enough challenge to cater to the most ambitious achievers. The voxel art and the neon colours evoke the club scene of the 70s and 80s. You get to unlock a ‘far out’ crew of characters that are inspired by era defining real or cartoon characters. Disco Dave is a twitch-based game that requires your attention and keeps you on your toes as you glide and jump over the dance floor.

Made by Amused Sloth, an independent game studio based in Romania (registered in UK), a small studio that are striving to make fun games infused with humour and charm, Disco Dave looks like being one of those fun games that you can just pick up, play, and lose a bit of time in.

So if you fancy a few boogie nights, then be sure to get your groovy on when this is released this month, and check it out on iOS and Android.

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