After years of development and missing many a release window, Ghost of a Tale is in its final stretch of development. Here’s when it comes out and more.

Ghost of a Tale was announced back in 2013, and it had already been a year in development then. Now, it’s 2017 and the game is still in Steam Early Access. Developer Lionel Gallat promises that this is going to change, however, when the game launches in March 2018. This release window is for the PC version of the game, with the Xbox One version of the game set to follow soon after. Later down the line, a PS4 version will also be released.

More information about the final release of the game was shared in an update at the game’s official blog. The game will be localised into French, Italian, German and Spanish initially. Pricing has been set to $24.99 for the final release, but the game will still be available at $19.99 throughout the Early Access period. Gallat estimates that the game will take 15-20 hours to finish. Additionally, the number of quests as well as the size of the map will be doubled compared to the Early Access version.

Ghost of a Tale is an action RPG inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Ico and the Legend of Zelda series. It stars a mouse named Tilo, who is an adventurer and minstrel, as he explores a medieval world full of animal characters. It’s not all fighting, though: there’s also disguises, stealth elements and conversations, so expect a much more varied experience than the game’s influences.

Check out the official website and the Steam page for Ghost of a Tale.

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