One of the most artistically evocative games of recent times, Gorogoa finally has a release date and it’s next week. Have a look at this unique puzzler.

Gorogoa wowed us the last time we had a look at it, and it wows us again when we look at it again. There’s nothing quite like this picture frame-manipulating puzzler, with its lush hand-drawn graphics and wordlessly-expressed story. We’ve just learned from publisher Annapurna Interactive that the game will be releasing on 14th December, which is actually next Thursday.

The game will release on that date at App Store for iOS and on Steam and for PC. The game was also previously announced for Android and Mac platforms, but there’s currently no word on when (or if) the game will release on those platforms.

To celebrate the release date announcement, the publisher has put out a new launch trailer that shows off the game’s curious puzzle gameplay as well as its storybook-like art.

The game is designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts under the Buried Signal banner. It is being published by Annapurna Interactive, which has been making a name for itself thanks to publishing What Remains of Edith Finch and picking up future games like Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, Wattam, Ashen and of course, Gorogoa itself. Gorogoa will actually be Annapurna Interactive’s second game.

If the brand Annapurna seems familiar to you, that might be because the publisher is a division of Annapurna Pictures, the film company responsible for films like Zero Dark Thirty, Her, American Hustle, Sausage Party and Detroit.

Have a look at the official website here, and the Steam page here.

Another positively scrumptious-looking puzzler can be found in GNOG, which is now out on PC and Mac. If you’d rather do your puzzling on iOS, there’s Monument Valley 2.

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