Hexologic gets a hefty free update for PC, iOS and Android; coming soon to Switch

Logic puzzler Hexologic has received a new free update that adds new levels, worlds, difficulty settings, and even a new soundtrack. Find out more here.

Developer MythicOwl has announced that its elegant-looking logic game Hexologic has received a new free update. This is a substantial update, seeing as it adds a number of new levels and features. It has rolled out for the PC, iOS, and Android versions of the game so far, and will release for the Switch version sometime soon.

Here’s the feature list of what’s new:

36 new levels
2 new worlds
New types of hexes with different abilities
New difficulty setting (limited assists, shuffled hexes)
Soundtrack extended with new, relaxing music
Improved in-game navigation (PC & Nintendo Switch)
Improved overall stability and bug fixes

The difficulty settings, according to MythicOwl’s blog post, are two separate options. The first one will remove the green bands that inform you of a solved row, while the second option will randomise the values on hexes.

Have a look at the new trailer for the content update below:

Hexologic originally released in May this year on PC, iOS, and Android. It also released on the Nintendo Switch in June.

The game uses hexagonal grids to present sudoku-like puzzle gameplay. The goal is to combine dots on the grid in three possible directions, in such a way as to form the number at the end of the edge of the grid. It’s the sort of game you’ll find doubly puzzling if you love puzzles and mathematics. It also helps that the game looks delectably gorgeous to boot.

Find out more at the official website here. You’ll also find the game on Steam here.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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