Survival horror game The Forest set to emerge from Early Access in April

Nearly four years after its Early Access launch, v1.0 is in sight as The Forest is set to get a PC release in April this year. There’s also a new patch out.

The last we heard about open world horror game The Forest, the devs had re-announced plans to get the game onto the PS4 in 2018. Needless to say, if a PS4 release had been set in stone, shouldn’t the PC release be awfully close too? Developer Endnight Games has announced that yes, yes it is. Turns out the Vancouver-based studio intends to release version 1.0 of The Forest in April this year.

No firm release date has been announced just yet, but we do know that the game will leave Early Access sometime just before the end of April. Like many Early Access games, the game will see a price increase upon final release, going from $14.99 USD to $19.99 USD.

There are several ideas in store for version 1.0, including official controller support, a rethinking of the cold and warmth system, new content, performance optimisations, and even a VR mode so you can really take your forest-cannibal fantasies to the next level.

Version 1.0 was announced in a post on the game’s official blog, which also contains patch notes for the recently released version 0.73 patch. It seems to focus mainly on UI improvements and bug fixes, the main highlight being a new icon grouping system. Have a look at the post here on the game’s official website.

Have a look at the game’s latest trailer, which came around the time of the PS4 re-announcement.

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