The challenging space shooter Hyperstellar: SV has been released on mobile devices, and will have you patrolling the far edges of space to weed out baddies.

UK-based indie studio Altered Gene has announced that their newest game, Hyperstellar: SV is now out for Android and iOS devices. The games put you in the role of a pilot, a member of the “Solar Vanguard” (hence the “SV”). As a Solar Vanguard pilot, you endlessly patrol the edges of civilised space, and shoot down the Heralds of Ambler. They won’t cut you any slack, however, as the game might be easy to pick up, but it’s pretty challenging if you intend on mastering it.

As you turn the Heralds into scrap, you find coins. You can use these coins to upgrade your ship. There’s 3 different ships available at launch, with more coming soon as part of updates, both free and paid. Each ship is geared towards a different play style, giving the game some variety. Apart from these features, there’s also achievements and a global leaderboard, so that you can show off your Solar Vanguard-ey skills to the whole world.

Have a look at some gameplay from an older build:

The game’s developer, Altered Gene, are a “micro studio” based in in the UK that chose Hyperstellar: SV out of a number of prototypes they were working on. This is their first game. You can get the game off of Google Play Store or Amazon for Android, and off of App Store for iOS. On Amazon, the game is priced at £2.79.

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