Digital versions of IND13 Magazine will now feature video content including: trailers, gameplay and interviews

Updated issue with video available here

IND13 is re-launching its latest quarterly magazine with embedded video alongside written content, in what can only be described as an awesome breakthrough in magazine content. Now alongside reading about the most interesting areas of Indie gaming, the IND13 audience can also watch content at the same time. In this revamped issue IND13 has also added rosettes alongside the articles of Developers who featured in the recent IND13 awards.

In the re-launched issue, check out video content from Cities: Skylines, Big Pharma and Necklace of Skulls. Video is not embedded, so a web connection is needed to view video but this means there’s no need to download huge files, something IND13 wanted to avoid. Rosettes have also been added to articles that feature nominees in the IND13 Awards, both shortlisted Developers and the winners.

Not only does this make an incredible experience for readers, it also opens up a whole new area for advertisers and game developers to show off content, alongside editorial content, they can add any video they like to compliment the piece. Developers and Publishers can link to blogs, link to sites, link to adverts, link to Twitch, link to anything.

Harry Cole, Publisjer, IND13 Magazine: “The advantages of being digital is the flexibility, the low cost and the technological advances we can take advantage of. We look to exploit all these benefits to create an incredible magazine for the readers. These positives are also available to our clients and friends that feature in the magazine. This is probably the coolest thing of all time. It has also created a huge opportunity, who wants to be the first to feature video content on our front cover?”

Updated issue with video available here

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