This week in indie games, a detective searches for her missing partner in Tokyo Dark while the Switch gets Lichtspeer and The Bridge. And there’s more!

Indie games this week seem to be mostly ports, but we’re also going to shine a spotlight on a couple brand new original releases. Here’s what you can pick up this week.

Songbringer (PS4, 5th September)

Developer: Wizard Fu
Publisher: Wizard Fu

Songbringer already came out last week for computers and Xbox One, but this week it also dives into Sony-land with its PlayStation 4 release on the 5th. Songbringer is an action game strongly inspired by Zelda, but puts its spacefaring protagonist in a procedurally generated world. Interestingly, the worlds are generated according to a six-letter word seed that you can enter, so two players can still encounter the same world by inputting the same word seed. Nifty.

Tokyo Dark (PC, Mac, 7th September)

Developer: Cherrymochi
Publisher: Square Enix

Tokyo Dark is one of the earliest indie games to be accepted for the Square Enix Collective program, following a success at Kickstarter. This point-and-click noir detective adventure follows Detective Ayami Ito, who’s trying to figure out what happened to her missing partner. As she explores the dark, seedy streets of Tokyo, she finds more than she bargained for. If she bargained for anything. Which I don’t think she did. Still. Here’s some more information from when we found out about the release date.

The Witch’s Isle (PC, Mac, 7th September)

The Witch's Isle screenshotDeveloper: Cocosola
Publisher: Cocosola

The Witch’s Isle released earlier this year on iOS devices, but this week, you can play it on PC or Mac as well. The game is set on the titular isle and involves a witch who lays a curse on a woman. To avoid being killed at 4 am in the morning (a very inconvenient time to be killed, I’m sure), the woman must now find the witch’s stolen urn. The game is an adventure with puzzles in it, and interestingly, you can leave your protagonist be and follow non-player characters as well to see what they’re up to, which is required to solve some puzzles.

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (Switch, 7th September)

Lichtspeer screenshotDeveloper: Lichthund
Publisher: Crunching Koalas

Lichtspeer came out a year ago on Steam and PS4, and now it’s headed to the Nintendo Switch with Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition. It’s largely the same game as the original: a game where you play as a Germanic spear-throwing person who must kill such nasty nemeses as Wurst Zombies and Hipster Ice Giants. The upcoming Switch version notably features an exclusive new co-op mode.

Neurovoider (Switch, 7th September)

Developer: Flying Oak
Publisher: Plug In Digital

A co-op game of Neurovoider looks like absolute mayhem, which is why it’s probably the perfect fit for the Switch. The game originally came out last year, but is appearing on Nintendo’s latest console this week. It’s a twin-stick shooter with a robotic theme, and between procedurally generated levels and permadeath, it looks like a real tough cookie.

The Bridge (Switch, 7th September)

Developer: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

The Bridge is at this point something of an indie classic, with its pencilled look and gravity-based puzzle gameplay. Following its release in February 2013, it has released on just about every major platform, including the Wii U. Now, it’s on its way to the Switch. The rules are simple, really: you can rotate the world clockwise or anti-clockwise, but gravity remains persistently pointing down. Throw in some Escher-esque environments for good measure, and you get some really mind-bending gravity hijinks.

Archaica: The Path of Light (PC, 8th September)

Developer: Two Mammoths
Publisher: Two Mammoths

Archaica: The Path of Light tells you all you need to know in its subtitle. It’s a puzzle game about manipulating paths of light, using lasers and mirrors. There’s a story behind it all, though, about saving a nation by discovering the secrets of an ancient civilization. The game also happens to look rather spiffy while doing its laser-bending.

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