Indie Game Releases of the Week – 23rd to 29th October 2017

This week in indie games: we transform into a bird, behold the siege of Numantia, move to a spooky house, explore the Minotaur’s labyrinth and more!

Triple-A games are bellowing like cannons left and right, but our little indies continue to sail through nonetheless. This week’s indie releases are steering clear of consoles for the most part and sticking to the tried and true computer platforms. There’s still something for every console though, and even a few choice VR offerings. Have a look!

Bionic Battle Mutants (24th October on PC)

Developer: Monkeynetics
Publisher: Monkeynetics

Bionic Battle Mutants is a turn-based tactics game that looks like it was made at some point in the 1990s, but we assure you it’s totally fresh and totally indie. In it, you participate in a space-based gladiatorial tournament full of space criminals duking it out in a 4:3 screen. Sounds like something that should appeal if you liked the old Jagged Alliance and U.F.O. games.

Indygo (24th October on PC)

Developer: Pigmentum Game Studio
Publisher: Fat Dog Games

Indygo is a point-and-click adventure set entire in one room, and it follows an artist struggling with depression who can’t bring himself to leave the room. Your choices will affect the artist’s future in this hand-drawn game that’s fighting the stigma of depression.

Mad Age & This Guy (24th October on PC)

Developer: Atomic Wolf
Publisher: Atomic Wolf

Mad Age & This Guy is an indie arcade game that mixes up some classic game formulas in a steampunk world full of mad scientists trying to take over the world. You play as this one bearded, top-hatted guy who must stop science from falling into the wrong hands.

AER: Memories of Old (25th October on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Forgotten Key
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

AER Memories of Old is set in a world full of floating islands, and you play as a girl who can transform into a bird and fly to those islands at will. In this open world adventure, expect to explore the world, solve puzzles and embrace a minimalistic atmosphere. Check out our previous coverage of the game for more information.

Numantia (25th October on PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Developer: Recotechnology S.L.
Publisher: Recotechnology S.L.

Numantia is releasing in time to commemorate the 2150th anniversary of the Siege of Numantia, a historical face-off between the Roman Empire and the Celtic settlement of Numantia in the Iberian peninsula. You can play as either side of the conflict in this turn-based strategy game, and the game even features a local co-op option.

Blackberry Honey (25th October on PC, Mac, Linux)

Developer: ebi-hime
Publisher: Sekai Project

Why go all the way to Japan for a maid cafe when you can get 19th century Victorian maids in your computer right this week? Blackberry Honey is a yuri (lesbian) kinetic novel featuring romance between maids. Being a kinetic novel, it doesn’t feature choices as such, so expect an on-rails experience.

Don’t Make Love (26th October on PC)

Developer: Maggese
Publisher: Maggese

Don’t Make Love is an oddball romance simulator that puts you in the non-shoes of a praying mantis couple that is navigating a difficult moment in their relationship. It features a text interpreter that will accept whatever input you throw at it – good luck navigating this relationship.

Violett (26th October on Switch)

Developer: Forever Entertainment S. A.
Publisher: Forever Entertainment S. A.

Violett is a puzzle adventure that has you playing as the titular heroine, a rebellious teenager dragged away to a spooky old house by her parents. As she imagines how boring her new life will be, she finds herself wrapped up in an enchanting adventure in an alternate world full of strangeness and wonder.

Theseus (26th October on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

Developer: Forge Reply srl
Publisher: Forge Reply srl

Theseus is a third-person adventure for VR headsets that offers a new take on the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Expect to meet horrific monsters in the dark labyrinth as the game weaves a story through the environment.

Snatchers (26th October on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

Developer: Reality Reflection
Publisher: Reality Reflection

Snatchers, not to be confused with Hideo Kojima’s adventure game, is a virtual reality sports game that’s not unlike football, except you play it while on a hoverbike. Could it be the next Rocket League?

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