Physics-based ship-building game The Last Leviathan, best described as Besiege on the open seas, has entered Steam’s Early Access.

Shipbuilding: one of mankind’s most ingenious, most ancient and most inventive feats of engineering. Now you can build your own ship and laugh in the face of our seafaring forebears in The Last Leviathan, a game about wrestling with physics to build improbable ships. Of course, that’s not all: you can outfit your ship with deadly weapons and make it a proper, seafaring beast made of wood and metal.

To build the ships, you’ll need to buy, find or plunder blocks. The trailer below shows off just how blocky the game looks, which is really to its advantage, as it allows for some really fine destruction. There’s a very pleasant, colourful colour tone to the game, combined with a relative calm that is becoming of a game set in the open seas. This is, without a doubt, a game where adventure, creativity and outright lunacy can sail together and share a bunk.

The Last Leviathan’s current Early Access version requires a computer on the beefier end, but comes with Versus Battles, Steam Workshop support and an open sandbox area. The game’s Ship Creator is already packed with a number of blocks to build your ship with. Over time, further additions to the game will include monsters, real-time multiplayer, challenges, racing, new blocks, lighting and weather conditions and modding. The most interesting feature on the cards appears to be the Voyage Mode, which is an adventure mode that will “unlock the secrets” of the game’s setting, Middenhir. This is presumably where we’ll get to meet Mr Leviathan himself.

The Last Leviathan is developed by British developers Super Punk Games, and is available now in Early Access form at a 10 percent discount on Steam. You can also learn more about the game over at the official site, where you’ll find an option to buy the game via Humble Store as well. Keep in mind that it’s only available for Windows at the moment, with Mac and Linux versions expected for the full release.

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