Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks, a historical turn-based strategy game, is now on Kickstarter. Care for some XCOM-like gameplay in revolutionary Russia?

I always get a very particular sting of excitement when I see a new turn-based strategy game, particularly one that cites XCOM as an inspiration. Legion 1917: Rise of the Bolsheviks already had me hooked with that promise, but it also touches upon my interest in history. In a medium where science fiction and fantasy are the easiest premises to work with, making a game rooted in actual history and dealing with it respectfully can be a challenge.

This challenge has been taken up by Czech-Slovak developers Sornyak Arts, who will portray the Russian Revolution in the form of a road trip through Russia as it transforms from a beleaguered empire to the Soviet Union. As the October Revolution begins in Petrograd, the Czech-origin Pavel and Vilem prepare to leave the city and make for Kiev. And so begins what the developers call a “Road game” through what was the Russian Empire.

Legion 1917

Although the game is expected to last 7-10 hours, the developers want to pack it with side-quests that will tell stories of the people as they are caught up in the revolution. Storytelling will be in the form of animated comics and the developers have promised a choice and consequence system.

One touch that I really like is that characters in the game will speak their native languages: so Russians will speak Russian, Germans will speak German and so on. English voice acting has been omitted due to both budget constraints and artistic vision.

Legion 1917 is looking to be a tour de force through one of the most important sections of history, and the developers seem to be putting in their all to make a game that’s as historically accurate as possible. You can check out the Kickstarter for the game here, and the official site here.

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