Might and Delight is a small independent studio from Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2010, the studio is best know for their Shelter games. Today, they have announced tie in title Paws.

Shelter‘s expanding world has seen players control a badger and a lynx as they fight to protect their young, and featured a tie in children’s book. Paws will put players in control of a baby lynx searching for home. Set to release on March 24th 2016, the game is another collaboration between Might and Delight and the award winning Retro Family, who regularly soundtrack their games.

With the expanded edition fans will be able to own this soundtrack, as well as interactive children’s book The Lonesome Fog. Although Might and Delight have previously created a Shelter themed children’s book named The Circle, this is their first step into the interactive books genre. Throughout their time in the game’s industry, Might and Delight have showcased distinctive artistic work and a willingness to expand their projects, sometimes beyond the bounds of videogames. Following the cancellation of VR project Child of Cooper (for more information see here), the studio has bounced back with a new project and a step into publishing.

I spoke to COO Vic Bassey about the studio’s values, indie development, and the Swedish indie scene.


RC: How’s everything going?

VB: It’s been an eventful few months with the cancellation of one project, our move into publishing and  the reveal of our latest project all contributing to one heck of a ride. We can’t wait for what’s to come over the next few months.

RC: You’ve recently moved into publishing. What led to that decision?

VB: Simply a need to support and help the studios, games and people in the industry we like and could do with a helping hand.

RC: Your studio has a really strong aesthetic, drawing from diverse areas such as fashion and nature photography. What are your influences, and what do you think their combination allows?

VB: I would say our influences extend beyond fashion and nature photography as well, largely in part to our very diverse backgrounds. We have members of the team that swear by anything from Russian folklore and art to a myriad of tales and history from the African continent. That level of diversity enables us to approach projects with an unrestricted view point which is important as a small studio when trying to create original and thought provoking experiences.

RC: It’s a real shame about Child of Cooper. Do you think the survival of indie projects can sometimes come down to random luck rather than merit?

VB: I think you need elements of both. However in order to benefit from luck that may come from the right time, traction gained from word of mouth, or any multitude of factors beyond one’s control, you need to have a good game. Very rarely do you see a game with sub-par mechanics dominate the charts or resonate with the gaming public. It does happen, but it’s such a rare thing.

paws 2

RC: Are you working on any new games?

VB: We have just announced Paws, which is a standalone spin-off from Shelter 2 and has you take the reins as a baby cub. Naturally, this allows us to try new things from a mechanical and narrative perspective. Along with the game reveal, we’ve also announced an interactive book which is a segment we hope to explore further.

RC: Your website mentions aiming to reinvent the genres you work within. What does reinvention mean to you?

VB: More of a case of not standing still. The industry is in a constant state of flux and failure to reinvent ourselves or try something new leaves us in danger of being left behind and even worse, forgotten about. The addition of an interactive book with our latest project is one such way to try and expand on the concept of using digital media to tell a condensed story.

RC: What’s the indie scene like in Sweden? Any particular trends you would identify?

VB: The Swedish and Nordic indie scene is booming with new studios springing up all the time. This is made most apparent by seeing the number of announcements and games unveiled on a regular basis. There does also appear to be a spirit of support and collaboration with indies teaming up to showcase their work together or in other cases meet in real life or online to discuss some of the challenges they face in today’s market.

RC: Any cool studios or games you want to give shout outs to?

VB: There are quite a few studios we are huge fans of. However, one that stands from the others because of their ability and willingness to continuously reinvent themselves are the guys from Simogo -another Swedish outfit.

Image from The Lonesome Fog

Image from The Lonesome Fog

Bringing a broad range of influences to their work, Might and Delight continue to strive to produce unusual and artistic games, as well as helping other game creators to achieve their own goals.

You can visit Might and Delight on their website, Facebook, or Twitter. You can find out about working with them as publishers here. Their currently released games, including Shelter, its sequels, and tricky platformer Pid, are available from their Steam page. Paws will be released on March 24th of this year.

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