Military RPG Long Gone Days Gets Demo

Long Gone Days is a turn-based modern day RPG starring Rourke, a sniper-turned-deserter whose actions will have consequences beyond his imagination.

For how much video games enjoy all things military, there aren't an awful lot of RPGs in a military setting. Too many take to a fantasy world with dragons and elves, or into the stars with aliens and spaceships. Long Gone Days borrows from dystopian elements, but sets its story in the present day with Rourke, a sniper trained in a mysterious underground community called "The Core". Rourke is dispatched to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on a mission that will change his life forever. In Long Gone Days, combat encounters are first-person and turn-based, a system that should be familiar to any veteran of JRPGs. You get to pick a body part and target it for damage, and if you deplete a particular part's HP, you impact the combatant in a meaningful way. For instance, if you deplete the HP representing the enemy's arms, they will be unable to shoot you, and therefore, disabled. Additional 'skills' include administering first aid and using incendiary rounds. An interesting mechanic you'll notice in the screenshot below is the "Morale" meter, which can go up or down depending on the dialogue choices you make during a combat encounter. Say the things your party members want to hear, and their morale will go up, making them more effective combatants. If their morale reaches 0, however, they will be powerless until it gets boosted back up again. Long Gone Days The core of Long Gone Days is its storytelling, however, and it becomes obvious very early in the game that it is strongly narrative-driven. At the centre of it all lies the mystery of "The Core", which will no doubt become a goal for Rourke as he attempts to escape their attempts to capture him. Exposed to the "surface" world that he has no knowledge of, it should also be interesting to see how Rourke adjusts to his new environment, while living a life on the run. Long Gone Days You can try the game out in the demo that is available right now here on (Windows only for now). I gave it a go, and came out impressed by its luscious art, both the actual in-game pixel art as well as the non-pixel art images. It certainly looks very professional and highlights the effort put in by the game's lone developer, Camila "Bura" Gormaz. It's apparently being made in RPG Maker, but it looks a lot more worked on than your typical RPG Maker game. I found the combat to be a bit on the tougher end though, and gave up in a particular combat encounter after having run out of healing items. Perhaps you will have better luck. I hope that the developer adds an easier difficulty option for those of us more focused on the narrative. Check out the game's official website here, and keep an eye out for its IndieGoGo campaign, which Gormaz hopes to start in June. As for the full game, it's going to take a while to be ready: Gormaz expects the game to be released in late 2017/early 2018. The game will be released for both Windows and Mac.

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