In Minit, you grapple with a curse that causes your day to end in exactly sixty seconds. Here’s a look at the stark action-adventure from Devolver Digital.

How far can you adventure if you’re given just a minute to do it? I reckon I wouldn’t even be finished dressing up. That’s no matter for the squiggly protagonist of Minit, the black-and-white game that you play only a minute at a time.

It turns out that you’ve been cursed, and your day ends after exactly sixty seconds pass. This makes things a little complicated, particularly your quest to lift that curse. Still, you are helped by the fact that all bonuses and items you earn stick with you throughout the game. And while you’ll start each day in your comfortable home, you can also unlock new places to wake up from, which is how you kind of get around.

If this idea sounds a little familiar to you, then it might be because the classic JRPG Half-Minute Hero tried a loosely similar idea in the past (with great success, if you ask me).

Here’s the trailer which, yes, is exactly one minute long.

The game is being developed by four independent devs: Kitty Callis, Jukio Kallio, Jan Willem Nijman and Dominik Johann. Of these, you might recognise Nijman from Vlambeer (the developer behind Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne), and Johann from Crows Crows Crows (the developer of Accounting+). The game is published by Devolver Digital.

Minit is set to launch on 3rd April across PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. Have a look at the official website here.

If you’d like to play for more than a minute at a time, have a look at The Swords of Ditto, which is also from Devolver Digital. Also have a look at Donut County, if you’d like to explore the stranger ideas coming out of indie games right now.

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