Coming from the developers of The Ship: Remasted, Murderous Pursuits puts you on an airship in which you must kill your quarry or get killed yourself.

Blazing Griffin, the developers behind The Ship: Remasted, have announced their next game, Murderous Pursuits. The new title continues the studio’s tradition of putting you on a ship with wealthy gentry and then having you all kill each other… very stealthily.

The game is described as a Victorian stealth-em-up, and involves executing your murderous plan without breaking drawing attention to yourself or being spotted by the guards. To add to complications, you are being hunted yourself, and to win the game, you’ll have to execute your plan before you end up getting killed yourself.

Here’s some more details on Murderous Pursuits, straight from the devs:

  •  Think like an AI: Use busy, reactive environments to your advantage, as you hide in plain sight and mimic the actions of the AI party-goers to get the jump on your quarry.
  • Execute the best laid plans: Outmanoeuvre your adversaries and react to changing plans on the fly with a variety of abilities, including disguises, flash bombs, and counters.
  • Murder with excellence: Be discrete, commandeer a high-value weapon, strike quickly and dance over your quarry’s lifeless body to earn Mr. X’s favour.
  • Act Human after all: Play solo or online multiplayer with other players, featuring support for custom game options and wickedly intelligent bots.
  • Embrace an alternate reality: Step aboard the HMCS Britannic, a state-of-the-art, colonial time ship built at the height of the British Empire’s lavish Victorian era. It also just so happens to fly.

Murderous Pursuits is in development exclusively for PC. It will release sometime in March, if nothing goes wrong. Check out the official website here.

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