Veteran Developer and Artist launch UK based studio and hint at first title

Friends Imi and Ad are stepping out on their own to create a brand new indie studio. The UK based pair are long term friends and veteran developers with around 30 years of experience between them. They have worked on some incredibly impressive titles and are at the top of their game. The pair are bricking it ahead of the launch but have decided that nothing ventured, nothing gained. We’re expecting huge things.


Adam Langridge, Upstream Arcade: “We’ve families to support, expanding waistlines and receding hairlines (that’s more me, not Imi) so this step out from the comfort of larger scale development to a two man team (with friends) is frankly, frightening. It’s also been our lifelong dream. We’ve created games like Black & White 2, Fable 2, Max Payne 3 and um, other less impressive ones too. I most recently led the development action heist caper, The Marvellous Miss Take which Polygon charmingly dubbed “The best stealth game of 2014 you’ve (probably) never played” which was a bitter-sweet highlight.”

“Our first project is funded, and is going to be a stylish, kick ass action game (fingers crossed) – more details as development picks up pace.”

Follow the new team on Twitter @upstream_arcade and visit the team’s site Upstream Arcade Where Kudos is King


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